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  • Warren Zevon, 2000

    One of the most acclaimed songwriters of the rock era, Warren Zevon (January 24, 1947-September 7, 2003) remains a pivotal figure for many aspiring musicians. Fans are vociferous in their description of his work, while critics are quick to point out comparisons to writers such as Hunter S. Thompson and Ross Macdonald. For those new to Warren, his discography is full of subversive, animated character sketches, violently funny narratives and tender love songs. Long-time listeners return again and again as if revisiting old friends, finding redemption, identification and contentment with every play.

    But behind the work is a complex individual, equal parts beguiling charm, self-inflicted wounds and raw intellect. Warren's reputation as a hard drinker and occasionally vitriolic person was well earned. Tempering that, however, was a genius for music, a sharply defined mind and a genuine warmth which drew people to him, often for life.

    For those new to Warren's music, welcome. And for the old guard, welcome back. As Warren once said, "ain't no room on board for the insincere," and those who have come to appreciate Warren's work are perhaps the most sincere fans in rock. I've made more friends through this website than probably anything else I've done, and it brings me great pleasure to be part of this fine community. As for this site, I'm the first to admit it remains under construction at all times, and there are likely some errors that will never entirely be removed. If you see one, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

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