Detroit Free Press - Review (printed 3/5/00)

Warren Zevon - "Life'll Kill Ya" (Artemis Records) - three stars (out of four)

There's something appealing about Warren Zevon's stepped-up cynicism.  The guy's always been sarcastic, but at 52(sic), he's become edgier, more sardonic and intensely introspective.

For his first album in five years, the singer-songwriter has stripped down the production, leaving room only for his biting lyrics, his gravely voice, acoustic guitar and a forlorn harmonica.

The CD, obviously from the title, ruminates on life, aging and death.  The opening track is a tight rocker, "I Was in the House (When the House Burned Down)" speaks for itself - it deals with every man's eventual fate.  His death-march drawl on "Back in the High Life Again" would make peppy Steve Winwood wince.

Reviewed by Michelle Solomon, Free Press staff writer