Gus and Max Zevon-Powell

Twin sons of Ariel Zevon (Warren's daughter) and Ben Powell, the boys were born June 11, 2003.  Gus was born at 5:02 PM and Max a minute later.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger photo, and use your back button to return to the photo page.  Give credit where credit's due: All photos courtesy of their Nana, with much thanks.


benarieltwinsjuly2003.jpg (322927 bytes)
Ariel, Ben and the twins
(photo by Warren)

maxgus2004maxontop.jpg (105762 bytes)
Max on top, Gus on bottom
Taken ca. 2004

kidsinpool.jpg (330999 bytes)
Gus (left) and Max in the pool
ca. 2004

theboys2003onfloor.jpg (711443 bytes)
The boys on the floor
ca. 2003