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Notes on "You're a Whole Different Person When You're Scared":

This was written with Hunter S Thompson, who's been a fan of Warren's since at least 1982 (see booklet for I'll Sleep When I'm Dead for some outrageous HST humor).  There is a reference to Warren in Hunter's ESPN Page 2 column from June 2001 in which Hunter alludes to Warren composing a song.  It's highly entertaining; unfortunately you have to go through the archive to find the article, as there is no direct link.  Article title:  Warren Zevon and Patrick Roy: Two Men At The Top of Their Game.  Don't try copying it to a Word file and printing a clean copy that way; I tried it and it doesn't work.

This article also confirms Warren's newfound love of hockey.  In Detroit, dubbed Hockeytown by the locals (and for good reason: this is the Original Six town that produced Gordie Howe, went through a forty year fallow period and maintained its fan base anyway - need I mention this webspinner is also a Wings fan?), Warren once apologized for being late onstage.  His excuse: Finishing up watching the second period, Wings vs. Stars.  We Detroiters didn't mind too much.