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I've been a bit less judicious over what's posted here now that Warren's gone. Please inform me of broken links at professor_kechi@yahoo.com.  I'm aware of a few.


Warren Zevon Loose in Los Angeles! (1978)

Tales from the Neon Netherworld (1978)

Warren Zevon Flinches at Life Without Humor (1993)

Last of the Rock and Roll Outlaws (1997)

He Puts His Licks on "Route 66" (1994)

Warren Zevon Hopes to Perform Symphony (1996)

That's Life! (12/29/99)

Warren talks to People (2000)

Warren Zevon Deconstructs Elvis (2000)

Warren Zevon Still Sardonic (2000)

Patrick Roy and Warren Zevon: At the Top of Their Game (2002)
(Hunter S Thompson Page2 ESPN column)

"From Memphis, with Love" (2002)

Life'll Kill Ya (September 2002)

Balls the Size of Cantaloupes (9/21/02)

Warren Zevon becomes a grandfather (6/12/03)

Warren Zevon - An Appreciation (8/24/03)

Music Box Online October 2003 (thanks, John)

Jackson Browne Gives Tribute (9/9/03)

Zevon's Life Anything but Grey (9/9/03)

AcidLogic.com (How to Die in Three Easy Steps) 9/16/03
AcidLogic.com(Interesting motherf@&%er)