"From Memphis, with Love"
(received via e-mail; not sure if these articles can still be accessed on the website source)

Both clippings culled from www.gomemphis.com, 6/9/02.  I had trouble with the formatting; HTML to text to Word to HTML.

Around 3 a.m. Sunday, Julian Bond, NAACP board chairman, left Peabody Place with composer Warren Zevon, musician Michael  Wolff, state Sen. Steve Cohen and attorney Irvin Salky.

  Bond said he'd been to the fight and rooted for Tyson. "He was the favorite," he said. "He's the American. And to many people he's a sympathetic figure. And to see him come to this as poorly prepared as he was, was also sad to see. But it was an  enormous spectacle."


Though Isaac Hayes experienced seating problems Friday, traffic  flowed more smoothly Saturday, when it became one of the few places where a true celebrity vibe could be felt. Among those who stopped by the club while Hayes held court were Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, David Hasselhoff, actor Leon and singer Warren Zevon. Said Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Hayes about the many film, music and sports figures who stopped by that night, "They're my friends."